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Some answers to frequently asked questions about Wolfhound Cycles

What makes a Wolfhound special?

There are many reasons, the most important being the quality of the ride. Because I spend so much time figuring out exactly what the customer wants, the bike becomes a tailor-made vessel- much like a fine suit that fits only one person perfectly. Another reason is the hand-built craftsmanship. A Wolfhound is about innovative design carried out with old-school craftsmanship. When you look at a Wolfhound, look close; examine the fine details, the smoothness of the joints, and the unique form of the many drop-out and gusset options available. I love the challenge of creating details that are totally unique. If you have an idea for a bike, please share it with me, and I will do everything I can to build your vision.

Why steel?

Long time frame builder and instructor Tim Paterek refers to steel as “the metal of the gods”, with all other materials finding their place in line after it. Obviously I agree, the first mountain bikes were made of steel, it is the backbone of the industry. The ride quality of every other material is measured by how it compares to steel. This is because nothing feels quite the same. It is true that titanium, carbon fiber, and even aluminum can offer a quality ride, but nothing feels as alive as steel. This is why it has been around since the beginning and always will be. Simply put, STEEL HAS MORE SOUL.

Why fillet brazing?

“A skilled craftsman leaves no traces.”
Referred to by some as the “lost art” of frame building, a method still used by only a few custom builders, fillet brazing offers unmatched strength and beauty. When done properly, fillet brazing produces a bike frame that appears as though the tubes grew out of each other, as if the frame was not made but just “is”. I believe it is very much worth the extra effort To me the process of building a bike is indeed an art, and nothing exemplifies this art more than a beautifully brazed bike. Fillet brazing also offers an unmatched level of versatility with custom designs, gussets, drop-outs, etc, that offer a truly unique form and function.

What kind of tubing do you use?

Mainly Columbus, Reynolds, and Dedacciai, often a custom blend to suit the application. I use these because they have been the most requested and have had excellent results with both. If you have questions or strong opinions in this matter, discuss them with me and I will make sure your bike is built with a tube set you are 100% comfortable with.

How light can you make a frame?

At Wolfhound, the priority is always strength and integrity first, weight second. The lightest frame I have built to date is just below the 4lb barrier. If you feel that you absolutely must have a frame lighter than this, call me and we’ll talk.







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